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Tough Residential and Commercial Glass Products

Royal Glass is your local source for quality safety glass for a variety of residential and commercial uses in Morgantown, Clarksburg, Fairmont, and throughout our entire north-central West Virginia service area. We manufacture tough glass with a variety of valuable safety features that make it ideal for uses that would otherwise not be acceptable. Our tempered glass products are not only acceptable, but superior for a wide range of applications.

Tempered, Safety, Laminated, and Fire Rated Glass

Due to their specific properties designed with the maximization of safety in mind, many of our glass items exceed the protective capacities of metals and plastics, while offering the additional benefit of being inert and easy to clean! They are much less likely to fail under normal use. If they do fail, their capacity to cause serious injury is significantly minimized.

Tempered & Heat-Strengthened Glass: Cracks instead of breaking into sharp shards

Laminated Safety Glass: Crumbles and is contained/held together within a film; Dampens sound

Safety-Backed Mirrors: Strong adhesive holds mirror together if breakage occurs; Minimizes moisture damage

Safety Door & Window Glass: Required by Universal Building Code; Minimizes damage & injury if broken

Fire-Rated Glass: Less likely to fracture under thermal pressure
Wire Mesh-Embedded Glass: Fire-resistant & helps contain broken glass

Need Extra Security? Our Safety Glass is Impact Resistant

Multiple layers of laminated safety glass are ideal for applications where broken glass must be held together if broken, such as in skylights, greenhouses, cutting boards, thermometers, showers, etc. Bullet and impact-resistant glass is comprised of this material. Safety glass is required for installations in all doors, shower/bathing areas, panels near doors, certain swimming pool barriers, glass near stairways and landings, and several other specific applications.

Safety glass is ideal for use in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Teller Glass
  • Banks
  • Anywhere Extra Security is Needed!

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